Our Wines, Our Terroir

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Our passion is to produce wonderful artisan wines in limited quantities - each with its own unique style and character.  We select only the finest fruit to craft our wines to be enjoyed immediately with family and friends. Wine after all, is meant to be shared. 

                                    The Willow Creek Appellation

Willow Creek is California’s northern most 'coastal' American Viticulture Area (AVA). This distinction is not well known outside the far north of the California coast, and only Seida Valley AVA in inland Siskiyou County is farther north. The region lies in a narrow valley formed by the Trinity River only 25 miles from the cold Pacific Ocean, yet it still enjoys an abundance of sunlight and heat due to the multiple mountain ranges in between. The AVA was established in 1983, from the petition efforts of two area school teachers with small vineyards located in the Willow Creek Valley, Ed Oliviera and Dean Williams. It spans elements of Humboldt and Trinity Counties.


The region is very rugged and mountainous with the cold crystal clear waters of the Trinity River rushing literally through the middle of the AVA. The valley floor rests 400 – 500 feet above sea level surrounded by 4000 foot mountains. The AVA runs from a few miles east of the town of Willow Creek following the Trinity River to a point a few miles southwest of town and is inclusive of the valley floor and surrounding slopes to an elevation of 1000 feet, which encompass about 6,000 acres. 

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